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– Generate the lead, close the deal and provide end to end event support.

– Liaising with the operational team to ensure delivery of the clients’ event.

– Identify business opportunity, identifying projects and analyzing sales options.

– Identify, Develop and maintain key accounts as well as establish new relationships to achieve revenue goals.

– Increase venue and product / service awareness within the market place by conducting sales calls, visits, industry meetings, trade shows .. etc.

– Partner and network within industry organization to develop strong relationships and obtain sales leads.

– Negotiate and contract management.

– Identify market trends to supports managements in strategic decision making.

Requirements & Skills:

Minimum of 3 years experience in a similar role (Preferred in courier or cleaning sector). The candidates has to be familiar with the following

1.       Sales Planning

2.       Budgeting

3.       Marketing

4.       Business Development

5.       Client Management

Negotiation skills, Presentation skills, Interpersonal skills, Negotiation and Motivation skills

Candidates who are interested in this role please send your resumes to the following email:

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