Free Lancer / Part Time Field Interviewer

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  • Salary: Negotiable

Pharma dynamics

Job Title: Free Lancer / Part Time Field Interviewer (FLI)
Description: Applies different marketing research methodologies through face to face Interviews with selected targets of Doctors, Pharmacy & Patients.
 Job requirements:
1. Carefully weighs the priority of project tasks and directs team accordingly
2. Ability to successfully work in a team environment
3. Effective time management in order to meet daily metrics or team objectives.

 Education: Educated to degree level (biological science, pharmacy or other health related discipline preferred)
 Language Skills: Competent in written and oral English
 WHAT TO EXPECT NEXT: We look forward to receive your CV with recent Photo.
a member of our recruitment team will review your Qualifications.
If you fit the position, you will be contacted through WhatsApp.
send your cv at :

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